Modeselektion Vol. 03 (MTR045)

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Posted 8 months ago
The 3rd edition of the Modeselektor curated "Modeselektion" series will be released as a 3 way vinyl pack. It comes with an LP and 2EPs that are filled to the brim with exciting exclusive material from the hyperactive duo's favourites and a few very special newcomers.

The first EP features the cream of the crop of the bass heavy dancefloor flavoured tunes with Nighslugs own L-Vis 1990, notorious Munich duo Schlachthofbronx feat. Buraka Som Sistema, Ninja Tunes' Illum Sphere and ClekClekBoom resident French Fries. Out now!

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Posted 8 months ago

Ahead of our tonight's headline show for Bleep:10 (NYC) Party, we share our  new track "I'm not into Twerk, I'm into KrafTwerk", exclusively produced for our friends @ Bleep!

The track will be released on the Bleep:10 compilation on May 5th.

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Details of tonight's party HERE.

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Out June 27, 2014

The latest buzzword making the rounds among the cultural cognoscenti: curation. And while we try to steer clear of hackneyed fads, this one almost slipped the net waxing lyrical about Modeselektor’s Modeselektion Vol. 03. Dodging the tried-and-tested approach of calling a few mates, bagging some shelved tunes, slapping it all together and unleashing the result on the unsuspecting masses, this one is actually all about the art of selection. About careful consideration, motivation, choice, process – that is, a pretty elaborate labour of love that hides intense effort under free-flowing, seamless sounds that sneak up on the ears to broaden our collective horizon.

Modeselektion Vol. 03 is a prime example of this painstaking process – boasting buckets of strictly exclusive tracks, once again hand-picked by Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. By now, their Modeselektion hall of fame not only features the cute monkey covers and tracklists of Vol. 1 (2010) and Vol. 02 (2012), but als quite a few festival posters and AAA passes that highlight the concept’s live appeal – a. o. at Melt! Festival, UK’s The Warehouse Project and Bloc festival or Geneva’s Electron festival ... Whether on vinyl or on stage, any Modeselektion “boils down to whatever we think is hot”, explains Gernot Bronsert. “We suffer from constant music overload, so we use Modeselektion to channel the best of these tunes for the outside world.”

Beyond the Souleyman edit, Modeselektion Vol. 03 does not feature any original tracks by our dynamic duo – there was already more than enough greatness to spread by old and new friends. The whole sonic special is available as a double CD, a digital bundle and a slightly slimmed down double 12” plus two vinyl EPs. 19 sweet treats from Modeselektor, guarded by an equally delectable pineapple monkey.



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Making-Of Video


Single & Video Release

Our Moderat single "Last Time" is celebrating its vinyl debut today! The 2x10inch includes the original song, an instrumental version, an alternate version and a remix by Jon Hopkins. But there's more! Our friends from the Pfadfinderei produced another great video for us. Enjoy!
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